Booklist for Grade 4

Hidden Worlds of the Woodlands

Woodland Class Set Author
Forest Animals Francine Galko
Beetles: Incredible Insects James Gerholdt
Ants Ruth Berman
Insect Field Guide (Class) Author
Insects: A Golden Guide Herbert Zim
Woodland Team Set Author
A Dead Log Jen Green
Beetles: The Most Common Insects Sara Miller
Centipedes: Animals Without Bones Jason Cooper
Millipedes: Life Cycles Donna Schaffer
Temperate Forests Sally Wilkins
Beetles and Bugs Jen Green
Woodland General Individual Books Author
What's the Difference: Amphibians Stephen Savage
Weird Wildlife Reptiles Jen Green
Insects: A True Book Melissa Stewart
Earth and Us: Continuous Patrick Lewis
Woodland Team Struggling Readers Author
Week 1 — SS-Snakes Lucille Penner
Week 2 — Ladybugs and Beetles Sally Morgan
Week 3 — Looking at Insects David Glover
Week 4 — How Earthworms Live Platter
Week 5 + 6 — The Butterfly Farm Burglar Wright Group

CORE LIST for Woodland Project

Woodland Individual Title Author
Mice Mice Kevin Holmes
Rodents: From Mice to Muskrats Sara Swan Miller
Raccoon Raccoons: Rookie Read About Allan Fowler
Raccoons Jeff Fair
Racoons: Welcome to the world of Diane Swanson
Fox Foxes: Welcome to the World Diane Swanson
Foxes: Wild Canines Jalma Barrett
Spiders Spiders are Not Insects Allan Fowler
Spiders Ester Cullen
Butterfly / Moth Butterflies and Moths Dane Brimner
Moths and Butterflies of North America Iika List
Ant Let's take a trip to an ant colony Kathy Furgang
Snake Cobras Linda George
Snakes: Nature Fact File Barbara Taylor
Turtle All About Turtles Jim Arnosky
Turtles: Life in a Shell Sara Miller
Lizard Lizards Louise Martin
Lizards Claudia Schnieper
Frog/Toad Frogs Gail Gibbons
Frogs and Toads Maria Julivert
Salam-ander Sneaky Salamanders Suzanne Dell'Oro
Salamanders Cherie Winner
Other Amphibian Amphibians Melissa Stewart
Scales, Slime, and Salamanders Pat Miller-Schroder

Hidden Worlds of the Wetlands

Wetland Class Set Author
Wetlands Adele Richardson
What Are Wetlands? Bobby Kalman
Mosquito Jill Bailey
Wetland Plants Ernestine Giesecke
Meat Eating Plants D. H. Souza
Wetland Animals Francine Galko
Wetland Team Set Author
A Dragon in the Sky Laurence Pringle
American Wetlands Frank Staub
Marshes and Swamps Gail Gibbons
One Small Square: Swamp Donald Silver
The Vegetation of Rivers, Lakes, and Swamps Andreu Llamas
Endangered Wetland Animals Dave Taylor
Insect Field Guide (Class) Author
Insects: A Golden Guide Herbert Zim
Wetland Team Author
Mosquitoes Cori Meister
Mosquitoes Mary Ann McDonald
Wetland Team Author
Carnivorous Plants Kim Griswell
Plants Bite Back Richard Platt
Wetland Team Struggling Readers Author
Week 7 — Life in a Wetland Allan Fowler
Week 8 — Wetlands Darlene Stille
Week 9 — Mosquito Julie Murray
Week 10 — Plants that Eat Animals Allan Fowler
Week 11 + 12 — The Secret of the Song Irene Schultz

CORE LIST for Wetland Project

Wetland Individual Title Author
Mangrove Swamp
Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Cari Meister
Mosquitoes Mary McDonald
Mosquito Jill Bailey
Crocodile Crocodile: Natural World Joyce Pope
Manatee Manatees Sarah Palmer
Pelican Pelicans, Cormorants, and Their Kin Erin Swan
Sea Horse Sea Horses Sally M. Walker
Fresh Swamp
Alligator Killer Creatures: Alligator Davis Jefferis
Anaconda Anacondas Sherie Bargar
Salamander Salamanders Cherie Winner
Crayfish Crayfish Phyllis Grimm
Raccoon Welcome to the World of Raccoons Diane swanson
Carnivorous Plants Carnivorous Plants Kim Griswell
Plants Bite Back Richard Platt
Meat-eating Plants D.M. Douza
Cranberry Cranberries: Fruit of the Bogs Diane Burns
Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Cari Meister
Mosquitoes Mary McDonald
Mosquito Jill Bailey
Lemming What's a Lemming Dorothy Souza
Fresh Marsh
Crane Whooping Crane Karen Dudley
Dragonfly Dragonflies Shane McEvey
Dragonflies Heather Amery
Turtle Turtles: Life in a Shell Sara Swan Miller
Frog Frogs and Toads: The Leggy Leapers Sara Swan Miller
Beaver Welcome to the World of Beavers Diane Swanson
Salt Marsh
Crab The Secret World of Crabs Theresa Greenaway
Heron Herons Frank Staub
Flamingo Wild Flamingos Bruce McMillan
Mollusks Mollusks: Snails, Clams, and Their Relatives Beth Blaxland
Birds Waterfowl: From Swans to Screamers Sara Swan Miller
Wading Birds: From Herons to Hammerkops Sara Swan Miller

Narrative Woodlands and Wetlands

Stories (Class) Author
The Tree in the Ancient Forest Carol Reed-Jones
Insectlopedia Douglas Florian
Under One Rock Anthony Fredericks
Joyful Noise Paul Fleischman
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Verna Aardema
Novels (Class) Author
Bug Boy Sonenklar
The Boxcar Children: The Panther Mystery Gertrude Warner
Beetles Lightly Toasted Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Woodland Book Club (Team) Author
Girl's Who Looked Under Rocks Jeannine Atkins
The Fire Bug Connection Jean Craighead George
Spider Boy Ralph Fletcher
Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear Paul Shipton
Chasing Redbird Sharon Creech
Owen Foote, Frontiersman Stephanie Greene
Who Really Killed Cock Robin Jean Craighead George
Shoebag Mary James
John Muir: My Life with Nature Joeseph Cornell
Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure Lynne Reid Banks
Wetland Book Club (Team) Author
The Prince of the Pond Donna Jo Napoli
To Walk the Sky Path Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo Jean Craighead George
Danger in Quicksand Swamp Bill Wallace
'Gator Aid Jane Cutler
The Talking Earth Jean Craighead George
The Mystery of Alligator Swamp Gertrude Chandler Warner
Hungry Plants Mary Batten
The Mystery of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Nancy McArthur
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander Donald Sobol