Web Sites for 4th Grade CORI Classrooms

General Science

Children's version of Yahoo!, a popular website directory
Directory of websites for children and teens
Useful directory of children's websites with ratings, comments, popularity rankings and download speed
For websites on all types of animals, click on "Creatures Great and Small"

Various Animals

Animal Coloring/Info Pages
Most animals in the Woodlands and Wetlands units have specific pages with a labeled drawing and information
All animal webpages have conceptual information at an appropriate reading level, and a labeled diagram
Search alphabetically or by animal type
Many animals have their own pages at this zoo website, so it is a good place to start research on any animal

Woodlands Description

Woodland Explorer
Excellent site at 4th-grade reading level
Click on the spider to explore the woodland habitat; click on "Wildlife Library" to see information on animals and plants of the woodland


Low level text about the woodmouse
Meadow Mouse
Conceptual, easy-to-read information on the meadow mouse
Environmental Education for Kids!
Excellent page at good reading level
University of Alberta Museum of Zoology
Contains photos and higher level text
The Fox Forest
Text is higher level, but this website contains many pages with good conceptual information, photos, and movies about red foxes


Teacher Resources
Information Sheets - The University of Arizona Center for Insect Science Education Outreach
Easy to read resource for teachers on insects and arachnids
Insect Morphology and Anatomy
Great website for teachers and advanced students; contains abundant information
Excellent images of many insects and arachnids
Insect Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
Includes brief introduction on insects, as well as individual pages on all insects in Woodlands unit
Arachnid Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
Great introduction to arachnids, with links to 8 different spider webpages, including a general spider page
Abundant information on all kinds of butterflies; good reading level
Ant Information Sheet
Low level text about the ant
Ant - Enchanted Learning Software
Ground Beetle Information Sheet
Low level text page about the ground beetle, but with limited information
Beetle Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
Includes links to pages for ladybug, lightning bug and darkling beetle


Australian Reptile Park
For teachers
Critter Corner - Environmental Education for Kids!
Excellent webpage with appropriate text level and links to pages about various snakes, lizards, and turtles
Critter Corner - Environmental Education for Kids!
Snake Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
General information plus links to webpages about many kinds of snakes

See websites under General Reptile above

Lizard Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
Links to 11 webpages about different kinds of lizards


Critter Corner - Environmental Education for Kids!
Excellent, low level page with links to pages about various frogs, toads and salamanders
Something Froggy
Frog website made by teachers
Both Primary Version (K-3) and Junior Version (Gr. 4-8) is appropriate level for 4th graders
Amphibian Printouts - Enchanted Learning Software
General amphibian information as well as links to frog, toad, & salamander webpages

Wetlands Description

Missouri Botanical Garden
Some of the text is dense, but website provides abundant information on biome definitions and characteristics
Useful links include "What are Fresh Water Wetlands?" and "Why are Wetlands Important?"
"Wetlands Creatures" has specific pages on snakes, alligators and different birds
The Young Scientist's Introduction to Wetlands
Very basic information in printable format
Discover Canada's Wetland Habitats
Resource for teachers; descriptions of wetland types, as well as animals and some plants

Mangrove Swamp

Mosquitos - Enchanted Learning Software
Includes links to pages on the mosquito life cycle
American Crocodile Printout - Enchanted Learning Software
Manatee - Enchanted Learning Software
American White Pelican - Environmental Education for Kids!
White Pelican - Canadian Museum of Nature
Good sites about the white pelican
Sea Horse
Seahorses - Keeping And Breeding
Good information for teacher reference, and possibly advanced readers
Sea Horse Printout - Enchanted Learning Software

Freshwater Swamp

American Alligator
Text is more advanced, but contains some good information
All About Alligators
Anaconda Printout - Enchanted Learning Software

See websites under Woodland Amphibians above

Devil Crayfish Fact Sheet
Webpage about the devil crayfish of Maryland with drawing and some conceptual information
Crayfish Printout - Enchanted Learning Software

See websites under Woodland Mammals above


Biome Description
Bog - Weird Wetland
Information about history, plants and animals of the bog
Useful only for teachers or high-level readers
Carnivorous Plants
The Mysterious Venus' Flytrap
Good information about Venus flytraps, but text a bit advanced
Nice photos at bottom of page
Howstuffworks "How Venus Flytraps Work"
Many pages about Venus flytrap

See websites under Mangrove Swamp above

Lemming Printout - Enchanted Learning Software

Freshwater Marsh

Biome Description
Freshwater Marsh Animal Printouts
Good description, simple enough for 4th graders
Learn about the Cranes - Environmental Education by Children of the Earth United
Attractive design
Good information and pictures, but text is fairly advanced
Critter Corner - Environmental Education for Kids!
Whooping Crane - Environmental Education for Kids!
Webpages about the sandhill crane and whooping crane
Good reading level for 4th graders
Dragonflies: Wisconsin's Aerial Acrobats
Lots of readable text about dragonflies in Wisconsin

See websites under Woodland Reptiles above


See websites under Woodland Amphibians above

North American Beaver

Saltwater Marsh

Crabs - Enchanted Learning Software
Critter Corner - Environmental Education for Kids!
American Flamingo: WhoZoo
Good information and eye-catching design, but vocabulary is higher level
American Flamingo Printout - Enchanted Learning Software
Striped Skunk - Canadian Animals
Animal Tracks - Striped Skunk
Great webpages, with easy-to-read information about the striped skunk